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We have a team of bright, talented Consultant with over 10 years working experience that give the firm a balance of experience and the best track record in various industries.

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Financial Accounting Manager


Job Description


… within the guidance of the Finance & IT operating plan, to provide managerial leadership to the Financial Accounting team and the tools and functional expertise to line management, where relevant, to ensure that the accounting reporting, cash management, tax management and risk management of the Factory is in line with the country regulations and Factory and Group standards.


1. Statutory Accounting

  • Month-end / Year-end Closing: coordinate with other functions to ensure month-end / year-end closing
    operations are carried out in-line with the Group and local guidelines. Provide expert support to the other
    functions on month-end / year-end closing as needed.
  • Accounting Reports: hold relevant Immediate Employee (IE) accountable for preparing financial statements (e.g.
    P&L, Balance Sheet, etc.) in accordance with Country and Group accounting procedures. Send to Group
    Finance department for consolidation into Group books.
  • Audits: be the primary Factory representative to coordinate all Group and external financial audits and tax
  • Compliance: monitor financial activities of the Factory to ensure they are carried out in compliance with Country
    laws and Group policies and SOPs.

2. Cash Management

  • Cash Flow: create weekly cash flow forecast to determine level of cash needed versus cash in hand. Request
    cash as needed. Recommend to Finance & IT Director the use of excess cash (e.g. time deposit, pay down debt,
  • Accounts Payable: review accuracy and appropriateness of supplier invoices, staff claims and petty cash
    receipts before sending forward to designated manager for approval as specified in the Factory financial policies.
    Provide guidance on the best date to settle the payments as needed.
  • Accounts Receivable: monitor the outstanding accounts receivables and follow-up those overdue transactions.
    Personally liaise with counterparties to settle overdue receivables as needed.

3. Tax Management

  • Tax Planning: plan the timing and type of financial activities to minimize the tax liability of the Factory.
  • Tax Reporting: ensure taxes are reported and tax payments are settled in a timely manner and in accordance
    with Country regulations.

4. Risk Management

  • Insurance: ensure adequate insurance coverage on all major risk areas such as company’s assets are well
    covered with the proper insurance such as fire, property damage, public liability, business interruption, money
    (theft or loss of cash in transit), group personal accident and medical, etc.
  • Accounting Compliance Audit: periodically audit compliance of accounting processes against policies and recommend actions as required.

5. Internal Customer Engagement*

  • Internal Customer Expectations: identify internal customers’ key expectations from the Finance services.
  • Service Delivery: hold the relevant IEs accountable for building relationships and meeting expectations of
    customers to create high customer engagement.
  • Customer Buy-in: communicate and collaborate with internal customer to gain support for Finance department
  • Continuous improvement: achieve year-on-year improvement in customer engagement.
    *Definition of engagement: having captured the customer’s “heart and mind” so that the customer consistently speaks
    positively of the Accounting team, has a clear desire to work and/or be associated with the Accounting team, and
    exerts extra effort to contribute in some way to the Accounting team’s success.

6. Managerial Leadership of Immediate Team

  • Business Context: communicate the ‘bigger picture’ context in which IEs need to plan and execute work (e.g.
    world, country, industry, Group, customer and inter-departmental considerations).
  • Collaborative Teamwork: establish process for meeting regularly and holding IEs accountable for effective and
    collaborative teamwork at their level.
  • IE Performance Management*: agree on SMART goals and assignments with each IE and provide continuous
    managerial guidance and feedback. Provide support for enhancing performance in the current role, conduct midyear progress reviews and determine year-end performance appraisal ratings.
  • IE Development*: assess the strengths and development needs of each IE and coach him/her in developing their
    FSKs and MLCs in line with the Role Profile of his/her current job.
  • Recognition and Reward: provide differential recognition and recommendations for reward incentives for IEs
    (pay, promotion, development opportunities).
  • De-selection: recommend re-assignment or termination of IEs where appropriate, supported by a fair ‘due
    process’ and structured performance improvement program.
  • Appeals Process: provide an appeals process for employees one level down (EoDs) who have a grievance with
    his/her Immediate Manager (IM).

7. Alignment with Core Values and Culture

  • Personal Alignment: understand and personally commit to the Group’s core values and culture.
  • ‘Walk the Talk’: lead by example and behave consistently with the Group’s core values and culture.
  • Reinforcement and Support: communicate and visibly use the Group’s core values as guidelines for daily
    decision making. Support Group initiatives to reinforce the core values and culture.
  • Coaching: coach IEs to behave consistently with the Group’s core values and culture.

8. Personal Effectiveness

  • Assessment: take accountability for self-assessment of how to improve own personal effectiveness in the current
  • Feedback: ask for feedback regarding personal effectiveness from relevant parties.
  • Development Plan: pro-actively discuss ways for improving personal effectiveness with own IM. Seek
    opportunities for learning and growth. Participate fully in development opportunities provided by the Group and
    consciously apply the learning from the development programs.

Job Requirements

Experienced as Finance & Accounting Manager in manufacturing field using SAP/ ERP softwares.

Strong in management accounting.

Fluent in English. 

*Working location: Thai Binh city, we have dorm. Working time: 5 days a week, Shuttle bus provided to come home in Hanoi in the weekend

Additional Information

2019-05-13 USD


We have a team of bright, talented Consultant with over 10 years working experience that give the firm a balance of experience and the best track record in various industries in: Executive, General Management, Manufacturing, Engineering, Operation, Human resources Management, Finance, Supply Chain, IT, …etc. 

We have experiences in dealing with Multi-culture and personalities in the industry to provide the best practices gained from working with a wide range of local & multinational companies. So, we can provide our service in America, Asia, Europe, and south America. 

Get salary from $18,000/year

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