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We have a team of bright, talented Consultant with over 10 years working experience that give the firm a balance of experience and the best track record in various industries.

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Manager – Employee Relations


Job Description

Reporting To: AGM-HR (Line) / GM

Working location: Viet Yen, Bac Giang, shuttle bus provided

i)   Job Purpose

Be responsible for the Employee Relations of the factory, including establishment & execution policies to facilitate the harmony relation in smooth and care manner. 

j)  Key Roles and Responsibilities (Key Accountabilities)

1.      External Communication

  • Manage strategic Relationships with Union, Local Labour Bureau to build a harmony relation

2.      SOP and Procedure

  • Develop and establish SOP in managing all labour related actions are follow proper procedure and well documented.
  • Communicate the SOP into different levels of the Factory operations effectively
  • Develop Employee Engagement, Grievance and Labour Dispute procedure

3.      Event and Program

·         Team up management to build up a CARE working environment

·         Develop and organize motivational programs for enhancement of Employee Relationship Ensure the labour issues of expat and local staff comply with laws and policy

·         Promote CM as the "Employer of Choice” and foster Quality of Work Life

4.      Survey and Research

·         Make use of statistical analysis approach to study workforce behaviour and response

·         Alert management regarding trends in behavioural/absenteeism issues.

·         Conduct surveys about employee satisfactions & difficulties

·         Based on the survey, social media, and to propose improvement action in employee productivity, engagement, and long-term commitment project.

5.      Feedback

·         Ensure timely & accurate execution of HRA activities and compliance with legal requirements

·         Provide expert advice to internal customers on people related issues

6.      And any other duties as may be required by the senior supervisor

Job Requirements

a)   Education & Qualification Requirements

1.      University degree in Business Administration, Human Resources or related discipline

b)   Experience Requirements

1.      Minimum 6 years’ experience in the similar position in MNC or large factories (2000+)

2.      Experience in supervising HR Dept. and familiar with VN labour law

c)   Competency Requirements

1.      Understand Business

·         Familiar with Labour Law and strong legal sense in VN Context

·         With in-depth experience in setting up Employee Engagement system

2.      Communication

  • Good command of written & spoken English and Vietnamese in explaining messages clearly.

·         Adapting communication styles and approaches to meet objectives.

·         Possessing ability to influence others.

3.      Collaboration

·         Building partnerships and working collaboratively with others to meet shared objectives.

·         Handling conflicts effectively, with a minimum of noise

4.      Analytical Skills

·         Strong analytic ability, proficiency in using EXCEL to make the analytics

·         Good analytical skills - both with figures and issues

5.      Problem Solving

·         Determining the right solution to issues identified.

·         Ensuring effective and efficient decisions are made for the short-term and long-term better goods of the organization.         

6.      Drive for Excellent Result

·         Must be energetic, stable, positive, proactive, and willing to contribute

·         Inspiring and engaging others to achieve ultimate goals.

·         Proactive & initiative plus a “Can Do” attitude

7.      Planning & Organizing

·         Hands-on experiences in event organization and project management

·         Planning ahead and working in a systematic and organized way.

·         Adapting priorities to changing environment.

·         Planning and prioritizing work to meet commitments in alignment with organizational goals.

8.      Delegation & Empowerment

·         Providing others with compelling vision and clear direction

·         Creating a climate where people are motivated and empowered to do their best

9.      Innovation

  • Anticipating and adopting new technology to forecast the workforce behavior
  • Creating new and better ways for promotion harmony working environment
  • Make use of Internet/Intranet to absorb new ideas and opinions of employees toward factory


1.      Able to deal with different level of employees

2.      Able to deal with Union, NGO and Govt Bureau

3.      Able to build relation with employees and union

4.      Able to tackle fast change of working environment and legal issue

5.      Able to develop reports to highlight issues to management

6.      Able to identify issue and provide solution

Additional Information

2019-01-02 USD


We have a team of bright, talented Consultant with over 10 years working experience that give the firm a balance of experience and the best track record in various industries in: Executive, General Management, Manufacturing, Engineering, Operation, Human resources Management, Finance, Supply Chain, IT, …etc. 

We have experiences in dealing with Multi-culture and personalities in the industry to provide the best practices gained from working with a wide range of local & multinational companies. So, we can provide our service in America, Asia, Europe, and south America. 

Get salary from $45,600/year

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