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We have a team of bright, talented Consultant with over 10 years working experience that give the firm a balance of experience and the best track record in various industries.

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People and Culture Manager


Job Description

To manage the team of Senior PnC Offices and PnC Officers in undertaking all PnC functions including recruitment, employment, employee relations, compensation and benefits, performance management, staff care, employee engagement, HR information management.

To add values to the PnC Strategic Functions including Organizational Development and Culture Leadership Development and Succession Planning, HR Policies and Procedures to ensure compliance with Company Partnership P&C standards and effectively support the implementation of LEADER Strategy and Company’s national strategy

1: Recruitment 30%

  • Facilitate workforce planning (short term and long term) to support the implementation of Company national strategy, annual business plans within the approved admin costs (admin ratio).
  • Provide technical coaching and support to recruitment processes to ensure that qualified candidates are sourced, selected and hired through the standard recruitment process.
  • Facilitate recruitment processes and coordinate onboarding/ orientation for key roles.

2: Staffing, Employee Relations & Engagement 30%

  • Facilitate staffing changes including job rotation, relocation, promotion, secondment, additional responsibilities, etc. in close cooperation and consultation with line managers and concerned department directors/heads, which enable staff professional growth and career development.
  • Support in strengthening Company’s Christian identity and values and improving employee engagement.
  • Supervise and support the team to ensure that all legal requirements and staff benefits including Personal Income Tax (PIT), compulsory social insurance, personal accident and life insurance, health check-up, leaves, trade union benefits, long-term service recognition, etc. are administered in a professional and timely manner, in compliance with relevant laws, regulations and Company’s HR policies.
  • Handle staff grievances and disciplinary action processes in consultation with the P&C Director and line managers following Vietnam Labor Code, and Company’s HR policy and principles.
  • Regularly track the legal changes including Labor Code and related laws (Insurance, PIT, Trade Union, etc.) to propose appropriate revision for Company’s HR policy for National Staff/ Micro Finance Branches and expatriate staff.
  • Supervise the team to ensure that all P&C information including personal information/documents, contracts and appendices, policies sign-off, performance and training records, properly recorded both in personal files (hard copy) and on Our People (computerized automated HRIS).
  • Prepare reports and provide PnC information/statistics to internal and external stakeholders as requested.
  • Ensure the direct reports (senior officers and officers) are able to communicate effectively with line managers and staff on PnC related policies, procedures, practices and other P&C messages.
  • In collaboration with line managers, create and maintain a conducive working environment where staff enjoy wellbeing as well as are highly motivated to make valuable contribution to the organization.
  • Develop a follow up action plan to improve staff and organizational well being based on the results of Our Voice Survey (staff engagement survey). Implement the action plan in cooperation with the concerned directors.

3. Partnering for Performance 20%

  • Provide ongoing support to line managers to implement the Partnering for Performance  for all staff, ensuring effective goal setting, quarterly check-ins, ongoing coaching and timely feedback are provided to employees by line managers.
  • Equip line managers with relevant skills to inspire high performance, support career development and address poor performance in a timely and professional manner.
  • Build the capacity of direct reports, develop their performance.

4. Learning and Development 20%

  • Assess and identify competency gaps against competency frameworks for key roles.
  • Provide coaching/ support and tools to line managers to conduct talent review, identify second liners for key roles, develop/ update their talent profiles, conduct career conversations and facilitate their career development.
  • Support the PnC Director in developing and delivering learning and development activities that help close employees competency and skill gaps as identified in Individual Development Plans and talent profiles.
  • Use all available resources  as well as a blended learning approach including Webinar, simulation, coaching, mentoring, etc. to support the development of leaders and potential successors.
  • Track learning application and evaluate the effectiveness and impact of learning and development activities/activities to justify the ROI.

Job Requirements

  • A minimum of 5 year’s relevant working experience.
  • A bachelor degree in a relevant field.
  • Degree in Human Resource Management
  • Good knowledge and understanding of HR functions such as recruitment, employment, employee relations, performance management, employee engagement, learning and development, compensation and benefits, etc.
  • Good written and spoken communications skills in English and Vietnamese

Additional Information

2019-01-24 USD


We have a team of bright, talented Consultant with over 10 years working experience that give the firm a balance of experience and the best track record in various industries in: Executive, General Management, Manufacturing, Engineering, Operation, Human resources Management, Finance, Supply Chain, IT, …etc. 

We have experiences in dealing with Multi-culture and personalities in the industry to provide the best practices gained from working with a wide range of local & multinational companies. So, we can provide our service in America, Asia, Europe, and south America. 

People and Culture Manager

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