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We have a team of bright, talented Consultant with over 10 years working experience that give the firm a balance of experience and the best track record in various industries.

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Job Description


1. Business Management

  • Parent counseling on student performance and education
  • Prospect consulting for new enrollments 
  • Arrange new student enrollment needs:  class assignment, meals, uniforms, bags, textbooks, student card, first days of school procedures, etc. 
  • Communicate with the headquarter managers and act as translator & mediator for parent meetings, counseling and conferences
  • Manage dropout member data: Follow-up and keep database of dropout reasons  
  • Crisis management
  • Networking with international schools and other partnership organizations
  • Plan and implement PR & marketing events

2. Employee Management

  • Responsible for recruiting and training all faculty and staff members
  • Manage teachers’ accountability with policy, procedures & expectations
  • Dismiss employees who have received 3+ disciplinary warnings 
  • Support recruitment and training of all faculty and staff members 
  • Supervise managers and staffs to support teacher academic needs
  • Plan and conduct training to improve teachers’ teaching and class management skills and program staff’s working ability 
  • Report to the headquarter R&D and supervisors for additional resources and support as needed
  • Promote working culture for teachers and staff as company’s strategy
  • Conduct weekly Teacher’s and Staff’s Meetings

3. Academic Management 

  • Review and manage newsletters, lesson plans, class materials, and other parent information paperwork 
  • Teacher observations & evaluations (KPI) 
  • Teacher training and coaching 
  • Report to R&D and the headquarter supervisors for additional resources and support as needed 
  • Plan annual, monthly, weekly events and manage academic schedules:  Field Trips, Special Events, Student Evaluations, Open House, Conferences etc.  
  • Student Report Card review

4. Administration and Operations Management

  • Cooperate with the Operations Manager and the Academic Managers and report to the Headquarter Managing Director 
  • Manage operations staff:  shuttle drivers, cooks, afterschool program instructors, genitors, receptionist, marketing manager etc.
  • Supervise student and operational accidents and maintain incident reports
  • Manage the available budget and spending of the school
  • Daily check and maintain meal service quality

5. MOET & Campus Licensing

  • Plan, organize, and assign tasks to the faculty to prepare campus for MOET inspection
  • Prepare documents and request support for facility needs for MOET inspection
  • Greet and host MOET board members during inspections
  • Manage relationship and communicate with MOET organization

Job Requirements


  • Education:  2 Yr+ B.A. degree or higher in Early Childhood Education
  • Experience:  5 Yr+ of continuous experience in child education at kindergarten, school or early childhood education center, English education center or other international organizations.  Reference check mandatory.
  • Computer Skills:  Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Data managements programs etc.
  • Certifications & Licenses:  Kindergarten Principal License mandatory  TESOL or equivalent ESL teaching certification preferred
  • National Police Check and Police Clearance Certificate


  • Highly proficient in communicating in English (writing and speaking)
  • Strong management skills, with ability to lead meetings, and effective use of manpower to complete campus tasks.
  • Good interpersonal skills and leadership
  • Accountability and responsibility 
  • Driven towards excellence
  • Organizational and management skills
  • Culturally savvy (international background preferred)
  • Collaborative colleague and motivator


  • Accuracy - Ability to perform work accurately and thoroughly.
  • Adaptability - Ability to adapt to change in the workplace
  • Analytical Skills - Ability to use thinking and reasoning to solve a problem.
  • Communication, Oral - Ability to communicate effectively with others using the spoken word.
  • Communication, Written - Ability to communicate in writing clearly and concisely.
  • Creative - Ability to think in such a way as to produce a new concept or idea.
  • Decision Making - Ability to make critical decisions while following district procedures.
  • Detail Oriented - Ability to pay attention to the minute details of a project or task.
  • Diversity Oriented - Ability to work effectively with people regardless of their age, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, or job type.
  • Empathetic - Ability to appreciate and be sensitive to the feelings of others.
  • Enthusiastic - Ability to bring energy to the performance of a task.
  • Ethical - Ability to demonstrate conduct conforming to a set of values and accepted standards.
  • Friendly - Ability to exhibit a cheerful demeanor toward others.
  • Honesty / Integrity - Ability to be truthful and be seen as credible in the workplace.
  • Initiative - Ability to make decisions or take actions to solve a problem or reach a goal.
  • Interpersonal - Ability to get along well with a variety of personalities and individuals.
  • Organized - Possessing the trait of being organized or following a systematic method of performing a task.
  • Punctuality - Ability to report to work on time on a day-to-day basis.
  • Regular attendance - Exhibiting regular attendance in order to perform duties in a satisfactory manner.
  • Relationship Building - Ability to effectively build relationships with customers and coworkers.
  • Self-Motivated - Ability to be internally inspired to perform a task to the best of one’s ability using his or her own drive or initiative.
  • Working Under Pressure - Ability to complete assigned tasks under stressful situations.

Additional Information


We have a team of bright, talented Consultant with over 10 years working experience that give the firm a balance of experience and the best track record in various industries in: Executive, General Management, Manufacturing, Engineering, Operation, Human resources Management, Finance, Supply Chain, IT, …etc. 

We have experiences in dealing with Multi-culture and personalities in the industry to provide the best practices gained from working with a wide range of local & multinational companies. So, we can provide our service in America, Asia, Europe, and south America. 


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